Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Join Team Beachbody And Start Your Own Business

So to become a Beachbody coach, you have a one time $40 fee. This fee gets you started with the business starter pack, which you will receive in the mail. It also includes your monthly website and online coach office fee of $14.95. Then each month there after you have a $14.95 fee to maintain your sites. Examples of those sites are shown below.

Now as an official Beachbody coach, you are then eligible to receive Shakeology for $89.96. When you become a Beachbody Coach, you get 2 professionally made websites in which to retail your products, such as Shakeology. (Those shown above). Customers that order from your site(s), will pay retail, and then Beachbody will pay you a 25% commission.

But let’s talk dollars and cents. Let’s say that you were a coach/distributor, and you sold 2 orders of Shakeology. Two customers went into one of your two stores, and placed an order. Now Beachbody would fill the order, take payment, handle all customer concerns. You have no product to store, no overhead, and nothing left to do, but simply share the health benefits of a product that EVERYONE needs. And by doing that, Beachbody will direct deposit your 25% commission into your checking account. In the example below, 2 customers = $59.98. Not bad for only 2 orders.
But you still haven’t paid for your Shakeology just yet. Let’s say you were overly ambitious and sold 3 orders of Shakeology. What then? Let’s take a look at the next example.

Now you’ve made enough to pay for your Shakeology. But if you’re like me, paying for your own Shakeology is well worth the price, and that $89.97 is just icing on the cake! Not to mention you have helped 3 other people take a positive step forwards in their health and fitness! But if you really want to be aggressive, and look at this Beachbody Coach Opportunity, for what it really is… a golden opportunity, then keep building your team so that it will eventually look like what's below.

If you are as excited as I am about this opportunity, and are ready to get started, contact me today!

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