Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ever Thought of Starting a Business in Today's Economy ?

Starting a business in a down economy? Crazy! Not true, especially if you want to start fitness and health related business. Here’s why.

As of 2011, the weight loss industry is a $55 billion-a-year business globally. Weight loss businesses include weight loss programs, food companies, pharmaceutical, diet books, supplements and more!

Did you know that the diet industry is one of the fastest growing in the U.S.? What does this mean for you? If you want to start an independent fitness and health business, the time is NOW! I can’t stress this enough.

Another little known fact that should convince you is that as of 2008, 68 percent of people in the U.S. were obese or overweight. That’s a lot of people!
The weight loss business is growing like crazy and will continue to do so. There are so many pills, potions, and outrageous weight loss gadgets out there it’s insane. But none of these things provide lasting results which is why the industry keeps growing – people just keep coming back for more. And the health care cost in this country is growing by leaps and bounds due to obesity.

Here at Team Beachbody, we know that learning to eat a healthy, balanced diet combined with exercise leads to amazing weight loss and life transformations.

That’s what we do. When you start a Team Beachbody business, you provide the full solution to those millions of people out there who are desperately looking for a solution to their weight problem. The only difference is our solution gives lasting results, there are no gimics.

Even in a down economy, the health and fitness business is thriving. there is no better time for you to get started with your own business!

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